About NightSky


About Us

NightSky Hosting started as an offshoot of NightSky Entertainment in 1999, initially providing streaming content services for its clients. As requests grew, so too did the company. In 2005 NightSky Hosting, Inc. split from NightSky Entertainment, and became its own company.

NightSky Hosting, Inc. provides a variety of services to its clients. First and foremost, we provide a easy and cost effective solution for web and email hosting. We go out of our way to ensure that our clients are always happy, including installing special setups just for them.

Our networks are built to provide the most uptime and stability for our clients. We have redundant power supplies, with both battery and on-site generator backups. Our servers are housed in a a secure facility, and kept cool with Liebert climate control systems. In addition, we have a fast network link with the outside world, featuring a redundant multi-homed connection to Mzima and (as backup) Cogent.

We monitor our servers both from inside and outside of our network. Every 5 minutes we begin a complete check of every single server and service. Everything from the availability of services to the temperature of the processors are checked. And we provide you a way to see our current network status, right from our support page. You can view our current network status, just as our admins do, right here. By having a second monitor outside of our network, we can see and check our servers just as you do. And of course our admins are notified both by email and pager the moment something goes down.

I hope that you appreciate our services, and see what we offer is indeed good value for your money. As opposed to most other companies, we are here to stay.

As always, if you have any questions or comments - even suggestions - please dont hesitate to contact us.

-- Conrad Hunziker III
CEO, NightSky Hosting, Inc.